Who watches the guard?

You can recognize that the title of this article is an important issue raised by Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel, The Watchman. If you are not familiar with this novel, this line will consider what happens when the hero (guardian) is not checked. What happens when one of them gets into a scam and can stop it? It’s basically a way to access verification and balancing calls – a way to apply different aspects of life and business.

For an example of a tips cloud technology-based follower requirement, consider using a typical IT system management tool. These tools are used by IT departments of all sizes, from small start-ups to large start-ups with explosive growth. These tools are similar to the heroes of citizen protection, but in this case it is a valuable data society that needs protection. But what happens if the instrument itself is violated or fails? Who can see the performance of the instrument when the instrument is used for viewing?

This is a problem that many companies face when they use agent-based solutions. What happens to the network if the agent is compromised and the backdoor access is obtained through the agent? Is there any measure to minimize possible brand disasters? For some contexts, an agent is software that runs on a system and sends information to a central location for use by other programs or services. A solution without a proxy still collects the required data, but uses previously installed software instead of installing and managing the software on each machine in the network.

Problems of unauthorized access or the inclusion of agents is not just a theoretical scenario. Recently, Panda Security and Symantec Altiris IT Management Suite (ITMS) released an emergency patch for their agent-based endpoint management software. Both clients have vulnerabilities in agents that allow unauthorized access to the installed network. Provides unauthorized users with the ability to access system-level permissions, effectively controlling system management tools without being detected.

So which tips cloud solutions can detect and manage the right system management tools? Or, as Ellen Moore said eloquently, did you observe guards?

As always, some responsibilities belong to the IT manager, but when you delegate a solution to somehow and accidentally handle it incorrectly, this is a very high order. This is unpredictable, which explains why the technology that is not working is creating traction on the market.

Here, the four strengths of the tips cloud-based approach do not work if applied to system management:

1- Extremely flexible as they allow global management via a simple web browser

2- Distribution of free software

3- Security update and control software through patch management

4- Reduce resource requirements for managing or maintaining agents on different endpoints

In a model without a proxy, the tips cloud functionality remains the same, but there is no bulk after completing the assigned task. There, nothing is installed on the endpoint, eliminating the access points that external components can use to gain control. It is similar to another comic hero: Batman. When he needs it, the criminals will appear and clean up, but when the tips cloud work is done, it will disappear in Bruce Wayne. Inactive technology does the same thing: they do the work when they need it, but they do not stay longer than necessary and can compromise good functioning.

Heroes do not have tips clouds villains who only wear clothes. Agents without operational management are just other vulnerabilities. So, why not use non-agent system management tools to make the most of them? A solution can do its job without sticking to it for a long time.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US production is in decline: it’s a common saying, but in reality US production is at its highest and production is double compared to 1984. Only a few people and more software are needed for get these effects. Manufacturers rely less on internal employees and more on the ecosystem of third-party vendors. Being part of a third-party ecosystem is the key to success in the dotcloud era.

Since the beginning of the tips cloud information age, we have seen good things, but the best thing is to achieve it in the next 10 years.

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