VMware released strong financial results in 2019

Cloud service on the grounds that AWS collaboration and technology have moved away from technology. VMware has closed the record annual sales in the year 2019, the significant progress and benefits in the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Revenue for the quarter was $ 2.59 billion (VND 1.96 billion), an increase of 16% year-on-year, compared to $ 8.87 billion for this fiscal year, an increase of 14 % the year. License revenues are $ 1.2 billion, equivalent to 47.5% of the quarterly revenue, while service revenues are 52.5%. In the current year “services (57% of total revenues) decreased slightly by 59% compared to the previous year.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said in a press conference after the announcement that we are very pleased with this wonderful quarter and fiscal year of 2019. In At, we believe that software has the power to transform companies and people. We understand that our products, events and people influence the world and we are committed to creating a positive global impact through everything we do.

Customers using VMware services are looking for hybrid cloud service platforms, cloud service and modern applications, network and security, and digital workspace solutions to help activate technology to convert their numbers. We have shown good Q4 results throughout the hybrid cloud service catalog and in SaaS as we have focused our product extension strategy.

As our customers continue to search for the best solutions that are dispersed between private and public cloud services, we are committed to doing so.

Through this statement, one of the highlights of the quarter focused on the continued collaboration of VMware with AWS. The company continued to weaken in various activities: AWS CEO Andy Jassy staged at VMworld in Las Vegas in August, and Gelsinger returned to the invention market in November, but everyone refused to send an alert via AWS.

AWS said the outpost was designed to deliver a truly consistent hybrid experience by bringing AWS services, infrastructure, and business models to almost every factory. Foundation. The VMware partnership is an important part of achieving this goal. According to the “Cloud Service State 2019” report by RightScale published earlier this week, 12% of respondents said they use Outposts outside the gates and more than 29% are interested in implementation.

Kissinger said that in the most recent quarter he had a $ 20 million deal with VMware Cloud service on AWS, including Freddie Mac, Nant Media Holdings and Enterprise Data Center. US Air Force

Another important piece of news that VMware has released in the last three months is the plan to acquire the supplier Kubernetes Heptio. At the time, co-founder Hepti, Craig McLuckie, stated that the two Visio companies were “very strange”. VMware considered the deal as an opportunity to build aircraft that could control Kubernetes regardless of the customer’s cloud. We will accelerate our efforts to transform Kubernetes into the standard for customers to create and run applications in the cloud service and continue to drive the development of this important platform, the open source community of Gelsinger. He added.

Kissinger described the current state of the industry as “technical separation technology”, responding to analysts’ questions about the differences between different infrastructure providers. This is a topic frequently mentioned in this publication, which includes the development of many cloud-based project organizations, as well as the exploration of the next wave of cloud services, even if they are not available. Servers and containers, or learning and quantum machines.

Explain that this will be the winner and the loser. So we continue to see a lot of questions about cloud, public and private clouds and how to convert hybrid clouds. When people build quickly in different geographical environments, we will clearly see the normal [supply] and shortage cycle. We no longer rely on any geographical location or individual product, but we believe that the true breadth of our portfolio is our return to the world, and a good technology market will continue to grow in the future.

Mitch Gelsinger added that there will be winners and losers because there are so many changes on the market. One of them talks about superpowers: cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence and margins, and the Internet of things, which will have different impacts on who will be the winner and who loses. Inside.

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