Sugarsync the free cloud storage the easiest to install

Sugarsync offers 5GB of free cloud storage. The application is very easy to use, and more intuitive than other file synchronization services. It is possible to save up to five previous versions of each file. The applications are also very well designed. On the other hand, we deplore the lack of real-time collaboration functionality, and a very slow online backup. No private encryption key secures online backup. It is also very difficult to cancel an account.

Jottacloud the Norwegian free cloud

On Jottacloud, you can enjoy a free 5GB storage space. The servers are located in Norway, which is a big advantage for European users. Storage and backup are unlimited. The download and upload speed is also very good. We regret however the lack of local encryption, and the loss of upload speed for heavier files.

SpiderOak the most secure free cloud

SpiderOak is a cloud storage service recommended by Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower for privacy and confidentiality. You can enjoy 2GB of free cloud storage space. The privacy features are the main benefit of this service. It is possible to associate an unlimited number of devices to each account. The file synchronization feature is significant, as are the customization possibilities for backups. On the other hand, file sharing is too complicated, and the speed of upload / download is disappointing.
Some providers also provide “probative value” cloud storage. In this case, the document is stamped when it is placed in the safe, and then it is drawn (any consultation, copy or modification is recorded). The objective is to be able to justify before a judge that the document has not undergone any modification (which does not make it a “digital original”, signed electronically).

Concretely, the electronic safes are intended more for the storage of personal documents (identity papers, invoices, contracts, etc.). To have a backup of his photos, the public clouds are sufficient.

Attention anyway, electronic safes, there are all kinds. Specialized companies (, for example) to services offered by banks and insurance companies (Digiposte to La Banque Postale, Maaf, etc.), there are different providers, with different levels of service. Before subscribing, read the general conditions of use: a real digital safe must guarantee the security and durability of the data, not cover itself by disengaging from any responsibility in case of loss.


Faced with the resurgence of services claiming electronic safes, the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms) has found it useful to remind providers a few basic rules. In a recommendation published in November 2013, the Commission recalls that access to the safe must be limited to its sole user, and that the authentication mechanisms must be strong (one-time password, sending codes via SMS, etc.). On the other hand, the data must be encrypted, and this with a device that meets the requirements of the Anssi (National Agency for Security Information Systems). The CNIL also recalls that the data relating to health are subject specific regulations, and that if it has not received the approval of the Ministry of Health, received after the opinion of CNIL, the provider should advise against storing this type of information.

Mozy a free cloud to easily restore files

With Mozy, you can take advantage of a free 2GB offer of cloud storage space. This service is easy to use, and can restore files very easily. The applications are available on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. A file synchronization service is included. The main flaws are a relatively slow upload speed, and the lack of file sharing functionality.

Dropbox the precursor of the free cloud

Forerunner of cloud storage, Dropbox today remains an excellent service, reliable and efficient. Only 2GB of free space is available, but it is possible toearn more by referring friends. File synchronization is easy. Applications are available on all operating systems. File sharing is supported, and it is possible to access deleted or modified versions of the files. However, Edward Snowden recently revealed that the company is collaborating with the NSA. As a result, the US government will be able to access your data without any difficulty. It is therefore best to avoid storing your confidential data on this service.

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