Sophos Mobile Control 5, the user-based security and manageable cloud

Sophos Mobile cloud Control 5 offers, starting from a single solution, configure security and user data policies on all three major platforms of the market.

New management options allow administrators to easily separate and encrypt business information of personal data and to simplify the configuration of security settings and access by automating tasks to reduce administrative time and costs.

Usually, each device (laptop, tablet, smartphone or iPad) must be configured, updated and administered individually. Here, with Sophos Mobile Control 5, based on the principle of the management of rights based on the user, IT managers need only to create a policy, from any remote location, for ensure the security of corporate data stored on a device or in a storage space in the cloud.

Sophos cloud has also improved the self-service portal Mobile Control 5 to make it even simpler compliance iOS devices 8, Windows Phone and Android to corporate security policies, cloud both for users and for administrators.

The new user interface and intuitive cloud workflow make security and the administration of mobile devices in a simple and quick task to manage.
Recently recognized leader in the cloud EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) by Forrester, Sophos continues to within reach of small and medium businesses all the advanced features to develop a comprehensive policy for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) democratizing technology usually available only to large companies.

Ingrid Gonnissen – From cloud to mobile printing … Secure!

The corporate world sees radically cloud change the way work is done. One challenge is to secure and integrate paper documents into the digital age.
“Today, many organizations are still largely dependent on paper to support their business processes, says cloud Ingrid Gonnissen, Managing Director, Xerox Belgium-Luxembourg. A recent report from Quocirca found that over 75% of companies consider printing as a critical or very important to their business. The report also highlights the enormous risk of data loss that this paper. “

Document security has emerged as the main challenge in the management of printing. And the number one concern in terms of printing security is in the control of confidential or sensitive information sent on shared cloud printers. Quocirca reports that 70% of companies admit to having suffered at least one data loss due to a non-secure printing during the past year.

“Although companies expect a cloud reduction in print volumes -and this partly help reduce risk-it, this reduction will not happen overnight, says Ingrid Gonnissen. Meanwhile, processes such as managed print services have an important role to play in securing the printing infrastructure, especially in an office environment where information, regardless of confidentiality, is easily accessible all.”

In an office environment large cloud scale, employees use every day printers to send sensitive information across society, often without thinking twice. The immediate consequence impressions are seen by others. In this context, continues Ingrid Gonnissen, a model based on managed print services serves to eliminate the risk that printed documents or confidential data falling into the wrong hands. How ? By providing the tools to simplify and secure the cloud printing process:

  • First reflex: authenticate! – This tool helps prevent potentially confidential paper documents accumulate in the output tray of a printer. In fact, the authentication function assigns personal identification numbers of jobs arriving in the print queue and ensures that documents are printed only by the user who submitted the correct PIN code.
  • Facilitating cloud mobility – By making available to mobile workers a secure server, they have the ability to print to any device within or outside of their organization without compromising the information they contain.
  • Enhancing Security – Not limited to personal cloud computers and mobile devices, traditional security software-such as those offered by vendors such as Cisco or McAfee- can be combined with traditional printing infrastructure to help monitor constant security printing and protect businesses from malware and viruses before they become a threat.
  • Prepare for workflow-based print and digital cloud media – As companies continue to develop -in encompassing increasingly online world in their office structure line- out, it will be increasingly important for work cloud environments to find a balance between the need for secure paper-based processes and meet the cloud scanning needs. And it is in this balance that managed print cloud services are destined to play a key role.

“As illustrated by the results of the study by Quocirca, while companies are redoubling their efforts to improve their protection, they still have a lot of work to do in terms of protecting their professional printing infrastructure – and managed print services are only the first step. “

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