Risk in cloud technology does not mean risk

When you realize that adventure means recklessness, the development of a sports mentality begins. The satisfaction is comfortable in the tapes and in the business, but also has a price.

If you do not find a new muscle curve, you will never go out. Accepting risk is a necessary condition for creativity and innovation. This is why it rotates when the solution does not solve the desired way. No need to get out of our comfort zone, we can achieve the next revolutionary idea. Risk allows us to innovate ourselves – to become better and grow.

The risk ratio is doubled: 1) You can find the real way to really solve the problem. And 2) you can explore the parts you do not know exist.

Leaving the tax consulting company is how I feel, because some partners have decided to create their own company and invited me to become the first employee. It was a jump, but I decided to make it a rare opportunity, not a big risk. “How long did the three partners decide to start dividing?” I wondered. So I gave up his common wisdom. Great decision.

Pursue growth cloud technology

Whenever I have a new career opportunity, I always ask my first question, which one is safer? Because there is no safe job. Instead, I ask myself, what will I learn? How much will I increase?

If in doubt, always select development opportunities because this experience is that they occurred during your career; if start-up companies is deflated or take off, it will be more durable than personal effects occur.

When I was asked to MessageBird (where I work) to see the work COO, I am a lawyer and a tax consultant. To be honest, I attended the meeting in a polite way. But then I really got the job, because the pace of innovation and innovative technology in the world of high-bay environment reflects the things I used to make ice – and lost. Never mind, the company’s first headquarters is a garage that actually has an idle doorbell. Do not disturb staff who are hooded hoodie engineers. The feeling of electricity in the air tells me it’s worth it. Yup.

Avoid the use of algorithmic cloud technology methods.

Now, especially in terms of technology, the world depends on cloud technology data. We rely on inputs and numbers running to complete most of the business decisions we make. However, when it comes to taking risks, especially in your career, there is no algorithm.

On the contrary, the final decision will belong to your feeling of spider-like, the brain, the heart and your intuition. Trust them. No matter what decision you take, if you choose to do it, on every occasion, even the possibility, there is no need to have a plan, opportunities for cloud technology development and learning.

Choose your brand game and build your mind.

In skating, as in business, initial training is not a cloud technology prediction of what will happen at the end. When you’re about to make an important decision, your brand will always have a rocket to set the time. The trick is to believe that you have the ability to make decisions and determine which risks are worthy of acceptance, so you can be prepared to go out and win when you have the opportunity.

I remember a special skating competition, it was difficult for me to accelerate before important days. I can not grab the corner at high speed and slip. I am very disappointed, I am very noisy. I can play safely during the cloud technology game, but I passed it. I focus on putting the skates in front of another person.

Then I flew to the finish line.

You just need to embrace a sporty mentality. The idea of not taking risks is actually the most dangerous move, especially in your cloud technology career.

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