Windows compatible, macOS and Linux, and a mobile application available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It is possible to manage automatic backups from these two programs, save files three times, and share collaboration links directly on social networks. Moreover, the size of the files is unlimited.Attention however. Many users lament the poor quality of this service. Desktop and desktop applications are unreliable, and data is regularly lost. The download speed is much lower than that indicated by HubiC, let alone outside France. The web interface leaves something to be desired, since it is impossible to preview files or access a history. The data is not encrypted on the cloud. Finally, it is impossible to contact customer support directly. Therefore, if you opt for HubiC, avoid relying solely on this French cloud for storing your data.
Bajoo, the other free French cloud storage

With Bajoo, you can have 25GB of free cloud storage space located in France. Again, this service benefits from the very strict French data privacy laws, and guarantees the impossibility for the government or any other third party to access your files without your direct consent. The data is encrypted end-to-end, and even Bajoo can not access it without your password. However, the official website of the service has no legal mention, which can cause suspicion. In addition, the application consumes a lot of computing resources.

pCloud the free Swiss cloud

This Swiss-based digital vault service gives you 20GB of free cloud storage. It consumes no space on your hard drive, unlike many cloud services. It is faster than Dropbox, and more secure thanks to the Crypto encryption system. This service also allows you to share files with people who do not use pCloud. File size is not limited, and it is possible to synchronize any folder. The desktop application is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS, while the mob applicationIt is available on iOS and Android. An integrated video and audio player makes it possible to play multimedia files in streaming. The disadvantage is that the versioning of the files is not very intuitive. Similarly, no local encryption system is offered with the free formula.

Google Drive, a free cloud storage with an office suite

With Google Drive, you can get free 15GB free cloud storage. In addition, the various Google services like Docs and Sheets allow you to open and edit all document formats such as text, tables or PowerPoint. The Google Drive digital safe is particularly easy to install and launch. In less than five minutes, it is possible to start using it. And if you’re one of the many Gmail users, you already have a Google Account, so you do not need to create one. The service is also easy to use and very intuitive. It is also distinguished by its features of sharing and collaboration very well thought. However, some features are sorely lacking. We deplore the lack of automatic backups, programming or a simple way to select folders to synchronize from the hard drive. In addition, no local encryption is proposed. In fact, this service is recommended for occasional users. On the other hand, if you need to regularly back up a large amount of data, it is better to turn to a more professional solution. Professionals can benefit from Big Data services through the Google Cloud Platform.

OneDrive the free cloud of Microsoft

Microsoft once offered 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage, but eventually decided to reduce that space to just 5GB. This multiplatform offer has the advantage of supporting Hotmail or Outlook addresses. The web application is simply masterful, and the integration with Windows 10 is irreproachable. On the other hand, we deplore a slow upload and download speed, a limitation of 10GB per file, and a maximum number of files limited to 20000. Similarly, no local encryption is offered and the NSA can easily access the data stored on this cloud. The iOS application is also very rough.

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