Mitel, No. 1 in professional communications in the cloud

According to the cloud report by Synergy Research Group, Mitel almost twice as subscribers and cloud-based communications licenses than its main competitor. In Europe, the advance Mitel is very clear in the Nordic countries. Not yet in Belgium and Luxembourg. But it would be only a matter of time …

Mitel, the cloud market leader. The Canadian company provides almost 20% of all cloud communications, in cloud terms of subscriptions and licenses, and totals more than 850,000 licenses sold throughout the world. The same report indicates that Mitel controls nearly 32% of the cloud global communications market enterprise cloud.

“Mitel is cloud communications provider that records the fastest growth, said Jeremy Duke, founder and principal analyst at Synergy Research Group. Timing is critical. Our study reveals a clear trend towards the adoption of cloud communications across the industry, with the number of subscribers and licenses more than doubled between the third quarter 2013 and third quarter 2014. “

Mitel makes possible cloud communications since 2008, the year that marked the debut of its first commercial hybrid system. Since then, his MiCloud solutions continue to experience strong demand, it emanates directly from subscribers or she goes through its global partner network.

Imminent takeoff in Belgium and Luxembourg, confirms Alain Huys, new General Manager, Mitel. “The nomadism is the best springboard. We therefore naturally moving towards mobility specialists, be it virtual operators type MVNO providers or services. “

Everything is to help customers migrate according to their needs, to solutions for private cloud, public or hybrid. “Our solutions include unified communications applications, as well as audio, video and call centers, says Alain Huys. And we always verticalizing more our solutions. An independent mechanic, for example, may well use our contact center solution to deliver a truly personalized service that will distinguish it from its competitors. In the cloud, it’s even easier: we no longer speak of the project, but access; the customer pays to use! “

Without abandoning the on-premise solutions, Mitel is poised to calmly deal with the cloud in Belgium and Luxembourg. Indeed, the experience is there. Alain Huys, former Damovo, will this momentum. The entity is on a war footing -the merger with Aastra, it is true, was ten months ago.
IBM Spectrum, bet the “software-defined” and hybrid cloud

70% of existing storage solutions will be available only software version 2019, Gartner estimates. And in 2020, 70-80% of unstructured data will be positioned in the entry-level storage management software instances with a “software-defined”.

IBM Storage Spectrum, the new smart portfolio software related to data storage, fits into this perspective. Big Blue does not leave empty handed: Spectrum Storage is the result of over 700 patents and is the result of an investment of over one billion USD over a period of five years. At the end, a central dashboard for managing more efficiently, safer and smarter, the increasingly large amounts of data on which our companies base their decisions.

Three years ago, IBM had bought Texas Memory System to position in the very promising market for flash storage arrays and launched its offer Elastic Storage to manage all of an enterprise storage systems as virtual pools. IBM had no choice to not fall behind HP and EMC, he had to revive activity after the end of the partnership with NetApp. Especially as EMC or Hitachi, to name a few, are following the same strategy, by decoupling in each case their software tools offering their hardware; Cisco and VMware also announced work on offers of “software-defined”.

Facilitating the management, it is possible to “remove 90% of costs in some environments by automating data transfers to the most economical storage media, whether flash disk or tape “says IBM. Concretely, this allows customers to “add storage capacity in minutes” and “Control work without” yet says Big Blue citing the case of Netflix, which replaced its 16 storage systems with 3 XIV systems , further reducing floor space by 80% in the datacenter.

Spectrum Storage includes connectors for working with the great names of public cloud and thus to build a hybrid cloud. Incidentally, OpenStack and VMware vCloud are integrated into the solution. IBM also ensures that Storage Spectrum manages over 300 heterogeneous storage tools and data yottabytes.

Interoperability is the proposed wider industry, says IBM. This suggests that Spectrum Storage could become more than just the software management layer XIV … to be used as a hybrid cloud storage management tool, regardless of hardware from IBM.

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