5 tips to ensure cloud security

Adopt a secure-by-design approach

Companies must learn to identify controls that provide direct access to information. Adopting a so-called secure-by-design approach from the outset makes it possible to meet security needs. Such an approach also facilitates the implementation of cloud resiliency and auditing solutions.

Determine alternative deployment locations to redeploy images to quickly
It’s important to determine alternative deployment environments, and make sure to select a cloud vendor that does not impose onerous conditions to be able to change them when needed. By remaining flexible, the company ensures that it can react to changing conditions without interrupting its activity.

Implement an active monitoring solution

To resolve availability and instability issues, organizations must implement an active monitoring solution. Otherwise, the organization is exposed to customer dissatisfaction, or even the loss of customers.

Develop a safety plan and train the teams

The speed of reaction in the event of a threat is a key element in terms of security. Businesses need to identify logical responses to all types of threats and implement training programs to facilitate these responses.

Use cloud Security Solutions as a Service

It is possible to opt for services like managed backup to specify the storage of images. These solutions allow companies to share responsibility for security monitoring and management. A little help can be very helpful in an era where threats are increasing and are becoming more and more dangerous. Professional level skills are needed to identify and respond to these threats.

Top 8 Best Cloud Security Vendors

In the face of the adoption of cloud services by many companies, the question of cloud security is of concern to more and more companies. Data, access, and workloads must be secure. In this context, large companies and startups are trying to meet this demand by offering security solutions for data, applications, containers and much more. Discover a selection of the top 8 providers of cloud security solutions.


The New York startup Avanan offers a complete cloud security solution open to cloud service providers. They can access a rapidly deployable and easy-to-manage platform for antivirus, advanced persistent threat protection, data cleanup, file encryption, or data theft prevention.


Since 2015, the AVG antivirus provider offers data recovery, backup, and single sign-on solutions as well as integration with Office 365 and VMware. This solution is designed specifically for small businesses, especially those specializing in applications and cloud and mobile services.

Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems offers a wide range of cloud security solutions for businesses. To achieve this, in 2015, the firm acquired two specialists in the sector: Elastica and Perspecsys.


Centrify offers a portfolio of solutions to secure and manage access to cloud applications. Services include Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-On, Privilege Management, Enterprise Mobility Management and more. Centrify has also partnered with industry vendors to ensure maximum security.


CipherCloud specializes in cloud visibility, monitoring and protection solutions. It has received the support of renowned investors such as Andreessen Horowitz. Its Open Platform is available as a service, or as a virtual solution that combines encryption, business monitoring, data loss prevention, malware detection and more to protect businesses.


HyTrust’s CloudControl solution provides authentication, authorization and auditing systems for virtual enterprise environments. Its DataControl solution also offers asolid for virtual machines.


LightCyber detects cyber-attackers using behavioral analysis technologies integrated into its Active Breach Detection solution.


Netskope’s solution helps prevent data loss, visibility, and increased security in the cloud. In September 2015, this firm raised $ 75 million as part of a Series D fundraiser.

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